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(Album of the Month) July 2014: Krisma – Clandestine Anticipation (1982)

Fascination. That’s the main word I can use to describe the reason I’ve devoted my time in shedding light on Christina Moser and Maurizio Arcieri of Chrisma/Krisma. Most artists you can follow a trajectory pointing you how they get to a destination. However, Krisma from their beginning as a disco duo to this point as […]

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Krisma: Miami (1982)

Christina in Bali The final video released from Clandestine Anticipation by Christina and Maurizio is for the jaw-dropping opening track of this album, Miami. Before Radiohead created “Idioteque”, before 2 Live Crew even thought about bumpin’ the bass on old electro records, before tons of EDM or noise bands forgot their roots in dance music…existed this […]

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Krisma’s “Samora Club” is such an interesting track. For the album Clandestine Anticipation Krisma decided to look at influences outside of the European sphere. The black music of America, specifically hip-hop, Asian, and various global genres were areas that they wanted to explore. The only limit they imposed on themselves is to use electronic instruments in […]

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/ July 28, 2014 / Comments Off on Krisma: Water (1982)

Krisma: Water (1982)

Maurizio in Bali. Water is a liquid that can take many forms. From mist to vapor no other elemental substance can be so morphic. Its no wonder Krisma used the symbolism that it has to inspire this track and their true masterpiece Clandestine Anticipation, an album that criminally has never been re-released in the US! This album […]

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/ July 27, 2014 / Comments Off on Krisma: Cathode Mamma (1980)

Krisma: Cathode Mamma (1980)

I tend to forgive a lot of stuff from the 80s. You have to, hardly any group was immune to lapses in judgement and wonky tastes in fashion and production. For this reason you have to, for once, look past the whole vision that Christina and Maurizio held at this time. Following the success of […]

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/ July 26, 2014 / Comments Off on Ivan Cattaneo: Polisex (1980)

Ivan Cattaneo: Polisex (1980)

Ivan Doing Himself I take a day break from my series on Chrisma to properly explain away the next set of videos that Chrisma will release. As, I’ve trolled away, trying to understand/translate the Italian language for this series, I’ve encountered other great characters that I probably would have never realized existed if it wasn’t […]

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/ July 25, 2014 / Comments Off on Chrisma: Aurora B. (1979)

Chrisma: Aurora B. (1979)

If, anything, cements Chrisma’s place in musical history it’s the following video for “Aurora B.” First, let me set the scene. In 1978, as the oil crisis shortage caused massive rationing efforts in Europe, the Italian government tried to find ingenious ways to discourage its citizens from taking long trips and drives on the weekends. […]

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/ July 24, 2014 / Comments Off on Chrisma: We R. (1979)

Chrisma: We R. (1979)

Onward goes Christina and Maurizio’s story. In 1979, Chrisma were dead tired of all the recriminations going back home in Italy. Their last performances were as I described in my previous post, simply full of antagonism towards their audience and the industry itself. For once, they needed to regroup and refine their plan of attack. […]

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/ July 23, 2014 / Comments Off on Chrisma: Black Silk Stocking (1977)

Chrisma: Black Silk Stocking (1977)

Chrisma recording Chinese Restaurant First of all, what a head rush of a song. Instantly, when you view Chrisma’s performance of “Black Silk Stocking” you get the sense of propulsion they’re trying to project. Who in their right mind expected this kind of a track from them? Its no wonder they chose to lead off their […]

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/ July 22, 2014 / Comments Off on Chrisma: Lola (1977)

Chrisma: Lola (1977)

Chrisma in London Christina and Maurizio, now hot off their hit remake/remodeling single “U” (I Dig U), marked a new phase in their career by going into the studio to record their first full length album Chinese Restaurant. The studio they went to was the heralded sound lab of Vangelis’ Nemo Studios in London. In […]

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