FOND/SOUND is run by Diego Olivas, based in Oak Park, Illinois…raised in El Paso, Texas. What is FOND/SOUND? It’s my attempt to uncover and share music that has never gotten its just due. For me, it’s the revolutionary, new fourth world music ready to have a special place in your own world.

Rather than leave this music (most of it out of print and never released in a digital format) in the dustbin of history, let’s revive and sample what we’ve missed. At the end of the day, it’s my hope that with this new bit of communication it will allow us to support these same artists and get their name out there, in our own way.

If you need further explanation, follow this post.

p.s. For those asking: I am available to do unique mixes, DJ, and/or playlists. As always, you can reach me via the contact page above…