Its days like this that Spotify fails me. I was going to link to Cheb Khaled’s “Hada Raykoum” from the album of the same name. Now that album cover is swaggerific. The King of Rai just straight up gangsta leanin’ hell, the whole album is just all up nasty. Over some of the Casioest beats and synths known to man, Khaled grabs your hips and starts to talk some nonsense that triggers whatever unknown cortex in your brain that tells you better days are coming and y’all’s better get on the dancefloor…his swag game is on point, and that groove is impossible to resist…who am I to say no. Anyway, the best I could do is find this track on a compilation of his, its still pretty on point though, Khaled still has enough ups to pull off a “No Limit” style album cover. 

Before you check out the Spotify link check out this video of his live performance of it, that party looks straight up bangin’!: