Now here, is where we start to see Christina and Maurizio discover the role their music can project. Remember that track by Vangelis called “Who”? If you don’t, head on over here first, and check it out again. Back then, in 1974, no one was quite ready for what this sound was asking for. No matter, Chrisma did. They plucked this obscure song from Vangelis’ vault and exactly knew how to remake it as the seductive song it was always meant to be. How did they do so? By amplifying the temptation hinted at in the original track. With the aid of Nicholas, Vangelis’ brother, they slowed down the tempo and added some snake-charmer-like synthesizer melodies, all the while their sensuous harmonies softened the track even more. The song now really sounded like something it wasn’t before. Before, the feeling was mysterious, now it was intriguing and for damn sure, it was dead sexy. The problem presented to them was getting beyond the increasingly faceless disco scene.

With the power of short form video they were able to lay out an image that was as important as the music was to convey a certain feeling. Dubbed by Italian critics the “sexy sound” these first two videos produced by Chrisma played up the role fantasy, in both style and sound, could play in generating a certain mood which could heighten the allure of the original track itself. What was once the governess of rock videos now could be applied to dance genres. 

The first video, which is mildly NSFW, features Maurizio and Christina preparing for a performance of this track. In a video, where a whole backing band dressed like topless gigolo football players, Maurizio in a sequin v-neck and leather pants ensemble, and two half-naked go-go dancers…the most striking image is the person dressed in the least revealing outfit: Christina. That alta moda outfit consisting of a sheer black front halter dress, sequin elbow pads, coupled with a unique lace mask and the gorgeously sophisticated waterfall hair worn by the elegantly made-up Christina projected everything that was so enticing about the track. It was decadence in the flesh, and not behind the curtain anymore. True glamorous sensuality, the likes of which Italian’s weren’t used to seeing, much less being personified musically in such a way, made them a cultural phenomenon shortly thereafter.

The second video, which actually goes through the full song itself, wisely plays up the other side of the track: one part was decadent (giving in to the temptation) and the other side was the fantasy of it all (what could happen…). Its a brilliant video in its own right. Check out the announcer sizing them up, then they, with a wink and a nod, agree to “perform” the track, all the while using video overlay tricks and strobes to ramp up the underlying dreamlike feel of this song, which makes you forget that their “dance” is just a trigger for all the visuals going around them.

After this point in their careers, after they’d successfully enticed their Italian audiences with this new “sexy sound”, they had something new up their sleeves. Already, this first flame was hot enough to trigger a new image they wanted to explore. Another phoenix (and sound) rises tomorrow…