This is more an ode to the slide guitar than anything. You hear it sighing in George Harrison’s music, grooving in King Sunny Ade’s, and kickin’ in Little Feat’s. “Tu m’As Déçu Chouchou” is a track from one of African soukous great’s Docteur Nico (hailing from Congo, where Franco another guitar great comes from) and it has that slide guitar creating another feel. Its that sway I so love.

The song itself is just ga, ga, gorgeous; its detailing how he’s disappointed in his love, yet he’s own actions are not honorable on the whole but that he still wants to stay with his love. Just listen to those drums flow along with that slide guitar accompanied by two other guitarists, you don’t have to know any French to understand what he’s going through. My favorite part is around the 2:30ish mark, its when those vocals lilt up and down (like that slide Nico is playing in the background) that’s where the song gets to me every time. Its when the whole song becomes something else. 

Check out the song through Spotify first, then come around for this great video performance by the Dr.: