Easter Sunday is so loaded with meaning and rumination. If, you’re a Christian its the culmination of your faith. Christ has risen and your sins can be absolved. However, the story isn’t only one of Christ rising, but also his followers coming to terms with actually believing it will or had occurred. The Biblical Son of God still had to prove himself (touch my wounds etc.), and his followers had to have tangible belief in what they were experiencing. That’s the reason I chose this track “Devotion” by Earth, Wind and Fire. Its a beautiful track itself: exalting devotion to love but presenting the trepidation that comes with it musically (listen to that underlying hesitant musical melody just jerking back throughout the track). I mean isn’t that much like life itself? As much as we love or want to love someone/something, there will be days where that love will be tested and we have to find some reasoning for them/it to continue in our life…that’s when you need devotion! How else are you going to find THAT answer?