Oh! The power of boogie rock. If, I’m a doe-eyed sucker for anything, its a good rock boogie. I don’t know why boogie rock has that power over me, as much I fight it I can’t. What’s boogie if not just a well chosen riff hypnotically repeated with cool shit going on around it? Status Quo, Thin Lizzy, ZZ Top are some well known examples. This track by Golden Earring, from their 1977 live album, shows the true power of the boogie.

Golden Earring is known in the US because of their hits “Radar Love” or maybe “Twilight Zone”, and unless you’re Dutch (which is where they hail from) that’s where the recognition ends. Its tracks like “Mad Love Coming” though, that lets me know: f’yah its alright to get down with the boogie. Their twin guitar attack is powerful, and unforgettable…but then they start improvising over it, and start to think they’re Television (though nearly pulling it off)! Damn, that boogie now you can’t be ignored. Oof, this continues my thought process that when something is done expertly, there is no denying its greatness…and this is peak boogie.

Knock it back, with a video performance of this track exactly around the same time: