Forgive me if I post one more French track. I’d be negligent to not share one of my locked away favorites. Y’all earned it. Its Guy Skornik’s truly mindblowing and catchily-named track “Star Peace, Odyssee Temporelle, Fausse Alerte, Maîtres du Temps, Paranoïa” off Ils Viennent du Futur! released in 1980. Guy, another Parisian, from what I gather, was a composer/occasional chanson artist who had so-so fame. He had released a couple of other albums before, some were completely experimental in nature like the freak or psych-folk leaning Pour Pauwels or Namasté and some were attempts at simply earning some Francs like the maudlin Histoires de Fous and Histoires d’amour. I hear this in a lot of French artists for some reason. But when they truly go all in, like Guy somehow decided to do in 1980, they release some of the most out there music you’ll ever hear. In that year, he took some of his more “conventional” sounding soundtrack work he had done on the side, and joined it with some pop hooks he invented from the ether.
My song selection is really this 14 minute side long track that makes up Side A of Ils Viennent Du Futur! Somehow, in this track, Guy finds a way to create the aural equivalent of this image:
Imagine all the great unknown French artists like Michel Polnareff, Space, and Bernard Fevre jamming together then deciding to invite over Michael Karoli from Can…well its something like that, but way gnarlier and twice more French. Just genre hopping at will, like a modern DJ, Guy takes you on an art pop tour de force. If you can, follow the Grooveshark link to find this track and also Side B which isn’t as quite as brilliant but still worth your time. Truly, Guy came from the future…