Krisma’s “Samora Club” is such an interesting track. For the album Clandestine Anticipation Krisma decided to look at influences outside of the European sphere. The black music of America, specifically hip-hop, Asian, and various global genres were areas that they wanted to explore. The only limit they imposed on themselves is to use electronic instruments in doing so.

This limit created tracks that became more repetitive and entrancing. “Samora Club” has one recurring hook of a drum beat that just gets twisted and mutated by some truly chilling synth work by Maurizio. What ties all of the song together is Christina’s hidden sinister delivery, channeling some kind of salacious inner-Bryan Ferry toying with the true meaning of the song. The music is imploring you to dance, the beat masterfully so, but the more you dig deep the more you realize visually and sonically that this is one crooked beat. I’ll present the final video from this album tomorrow, in the meantime check out the official video of it and their “performance” of it at Discoring (both videos simply driven by Christina’s magnetic stage presence).