Maurizio in Bali.
Water is a liquid that can take many forms. From mist to vapor no other elemental substance can be so morphic. Its no wonder Krisma used the symbolism that it has to inspire this track and their true masterpiece Clandestine Anticipation, an album that criminally has never been re-released in the US! This album was recorded and produced by them, without outside help, in various locations like Amsterdam, Switzerland, and Milan two years after their massively successful Cathode Mamma release. That album allowed them to move from the smaller confines of Polydor to the larger Columbia Record company and granted them their largest recording and video production budget yet.
Christina in Bali.
With the investment vested in them they did something no one saw coming, they rejected all of their then current sound and fame in search of something that would satisfy their own interests. What they did was enjoy the extra time to control and mold whatever they learned during the Cathode Mamma period. What they hit upon were bass heavy beat-driven drum machine and sonic styles that predicted our current musical hybrid age. Artistically, they also rediscovered a different way to titillate and provoke. Can an album be both vibrant and demanding? How about a taste of “Water”. The first video of a trio of videos filmed in Bali to support this album presents this magnificently wild new direction, just listen as it prepares you for the sonar-like sound they discovered. Now truly in command of all their art, they were now anticipating the future again. Tomorrow, we’ll look at the second video filmed at the edge of the world…