In honor of France’s Independence Day, Le quatorze Juillet or Bastille Day, I’d like to start my month long retrospective on French music…jk (someday, soon, maybe)…Anyway, on this day, celebrate the razing of one of the worst prisons ever, and the sacking of one of the last French monarchs ever by listening to Lizzy Mercier Decloux’s post-electro disco cover of Arthur Brown’s “Fire”.

Lizzy, for all intents and purposes, stands for everything that French people, when on their best, can be. A poet, musician, writer, painter, actress, and sometimes-model — she was a true renaissance woman. Her music touched on nearly any punk genre, world beat, dance, chanson, and pop music styles in her own brilliant way. Through it all she never lost track of what makes her, uniquely her. Check out the video below for a taste…(I simply love that someone counted in the Youtube comments how many times she tossed her hair! oh, and a brief Serge Gainsbourg cameo). Magnificent dancing, godly synth rhythm, and deathly passionate delivery. Such a threat in all the best ways, even us guys can learn more than a thing or two from her.

Vive la France, Vive la Revolution!


Further Listening (All found in Spotify and Grooveshark):
– Press Color (1979)
– Mambo Nassau (1981)
– Zulu Rock (1984)