Isn’t this always the toughest post to create? Normally, for your first post, you try to give a call to action, or provide some kind of direction, to whatever kind of journey/experience you want to take your readers through. I know, in my head, what I aim to do with this blog…but I don’t know if I’m ready to put that all exactly into words.

Forgive me if this is a long post — I’ll try to leave it as the longest you’ll read from here on out — but what I know is that I have to share this:

I couldn’t have gotten to this point if it weren’t for some truly devoted listeners. Some were music explorers like George Starostin and his “Only Solitaire“, Matthew Ingram and “Woebot“, or the totemic Pierro Scaruffi. Others I remember were like the light-hearted Mark Prindle or simple, straight-to-point, authors like the duo of Wilson & Alroy…all the way to the exhaustive ones like the worldly Joe Sixpack and his Slipcue, or the unfailingly consistent Adrian Denning. They were the ones that provided me enough of a base to go elsewhere, on my own.

Now, it seems, after my first foray into doing my own thing (the archive of A-Track, A-Day that you can still find here) comes another time that I have to do something else, where I now feel I can serve as a signpost for others…hopefully one of a different kind. Now, I feel, I have something to add to the greater conversation.

My hope, is that FOND/SOUND can be another source where you can find music that you wouldn’t normally stumble upon. Rather than traffic in the same rote, endlessly retold “stories of the greats”, I want to show you music, videos and people that trace a different route that is just as fruitful and as meaningful, and uniquely new to your experience. If you can fall in love with some of this music, perhaps it can lead you to other routes that you’d never thought you’d take.

What does this all mean? Well, I’ll first begin with a little mix to show what you what I think it means. Then, as you come back to the blog, I’ll share other things that venture in new paths I hope you’ll want to traffic in, if just for a bit. However, all of that is for another day. Today, let’s go for a little night flight. Here’s the first of many…


1. Laiala Laiala by Joan Bibiloni
2. Ponta de Areia by Milton Nascimento
3.  Caught You by Jeff Harrington
4. We Never Had The Love by Anne Nachtrieb
5. Coral Reef by Thomas Almqvist
6. Closer to You by Stephen Stills
7. Opening Up To You by Laura Allan
8. Beside You (Per Sempre Tu) by Alan Sorrenti
9. Qualquer Coisa A Haver Com O Paraíso by Flavio Venturini
10. Just Another Night Flight by Santiago
11. Notturno Italiano by Mario Acquaviva
12. Yankee by Linda Di Franco
13. Don’t You Know by Jan Hammer Group
14. For Your Love by Peter Brown
15. A Warm Summer Night by Chic
16. Music Is The Light by Marty Balin