When conceiving my latest mix all I could think about was the works of master Impressionist painters. Where other painters try to highlight the contours and contrasts shapes, objects, and environments have between each other, these Impressionists tried to understand connections found among still and moving life. It’s an understanding of the beauty of gradients meeting their inherited boundaries together. To that end, producing studies in light and color not to present life as it was, but as the true essence of every conceived thing. The mix below crosses genres, moods, languages, and time periods but there is a focal point where some musical astrolabe is no longer necessary to place you. It’s summer and who needs to do so much heavy thinking. Just feel it man. We’re all in this together…



1. Trás-os-Montes by Júlio Pereira
2. Talking Drums by Robin Scott & Shikisha
3. Harima by Mandingo
4. So Hot by B-Side
5. Sukkar, Sukkar, Sukkar by Ali Hassan Kuban
6. Makuta by Ginger Baker
7. Penifa by Yukako Hayase
8. En Pleurer Ou En Rire by Diane Tell
9. Souvenir D’un Parid by Anne Pigalle
10. International (12″ Mix) by Thomas Leer
11. Look For An Afternoon by Seigén Ono
12. Guinnevere by Valerie Dore
13. Cool Down (Song For Lou) by Joachim Witt
14. Hierophone by Karl Biscuit
15. Istanblue by Steve Shehan
16. Diana by Boca Livre
17. Queimada by O Terço
18. Sabia, Diga La by Jaime Alem & Nair Candia
19. You and I by Dennis Wilson
20. By The Pool by Steve Hiett