We can affect change or be an effect of change. These ideas, proposed wonderfully in Charles Demuth’s Spring, moved me to take up a call from Zattirizat to create a playlist for their brilliant guest mix series. Umut from Zattirizat got me thinking: What can I do to move your needle? To do so, I had to affect another alignment. How about a collection of things presenting ideas of new, alternate, Japanese, musical idea?

Moved by other idealogical forms of surf, sand, and saudade, these Japanese artists took the leisure bubble of ’80s Japan somewhere a bit more worldly, elemental, and different. Dig as all these artists I’ll categorize as “Walearic” — a conceptual word conjured by the cool people at Coconuts Disk — by hinting at something new, hidden in all sorts of Japanese techno-pop bubbles. So, ready to take that journey? I swear this is just a start…

(和 Wa) + Balearic – Walearic Japan (Vol. 1)

1. Atlas – Mediterranean Breeze
2. The Milky Way – 白い波 White Wave
3. Kunio Muramatsu – フェアリー (Fairy)
4. Killing Time – Kokorowa
5. Takami Hasegawa – Don’t Smoke In Bed
6. Hajime Mizoguchi – Gift From “La Mer”
7. Kyoko Koizumi – サーチライト
8. Yosui Inoue – 夢寝見
9. Asami Kado – ここにいるの
10. Izumi Kobayashi – Crazy Love
11. Mariko Fuji – ADDIO と言って
12. Mebae Miyahara – 瞳の中の夜間飛行
13. Toshifumi Hinata – 小夜花
14. Gontiti – バスで見た女 – Basu De Mita Hito
15. Tsugutoshi Goto – Color Of My Day
16. Kenji Omura – At Last I Am Free
17. Takashi Kokubo – 海底の中の夢 (FOND/SOUND SYNC EDIT)