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/ August 18, 2017 / Comments Off on Joachim Witt: Moonlight Nights (1985)

Joachim Witt: Moonlight Nights (1985)

If anyone knows me, they’d know this album forms a perfect storm of what I dig about music. I love it when someone actually aims to “sell out” by doing it in such a way that everyone is left dumbfounded by the product of that intended vision. There is one “right” way to pull that […]

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/ March 29, 2017 / Comments Off on Urban Dance: Urban Dance (1985)

Urban Dance: Urban Dance (1985)

Even for Haruomi Hosono, Urban Dance is a rare bird. Let me step back. After listening to Friends of Earth and Love, Peace, and Trance I may be incorrect. Urban Dance’s self-titled debut is a rare bird for Japanese electronic music. Produced by Haruomi Hosono, Urban Dance was the rare slice of Japanese music that drew […]

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/ February 27, 2017 / Comments Off on Peter Richard: Frozen Red (1983)

Peter Richard: Frozen Red (1983)

imeless Italo-disco featuring an album cover its designer could only love, it’s Walter Beinat’s (aka Peter Richard) Frozen Red. The album’s main hook is the unsung club banger “Walking In the Neon.” Nearly seven minutes long, the audacious electronic mix of Hi-NRG, post-punk, and post-disco still gives rise to a constant DJ request: what the hell was that? Quite atmospheric for such […]

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/ July 31, 2014 / Comments Off on (Album of the Month) July 2014: Krisma – Clandestine Anticipation (1982)

(Album of the Month) July 2014: Krisma – Clandestine Anticipation (1982)

Fascination. That’s the main word I can use to describe the reason I’ve devoted my time in shedding light on Christina Moser and Maurizio Arcieri of Chrisma/Krisma. Most artists you can follow a trajectory pointing you how they get to a destination. However, Krisma from their beginning as a disco duo to this point as […]

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/ July 30, 2014 / Comments Off on Krisma: Miami (1982)

Krisma: Miami (1982)

Christina in Bali The final video released from Clandestine Anticipation by Christina and Maurizio is for the jaw-dropping opening track of this album, Miami. Before Radiohead created “Idioteque”, before 2 Live Crew even thought about bumpin’ the bass on old electro records, before tons of EDM or noise bands forgot their roots in dance music…existed this […]

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