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/ August 25, 2017 / Comments Off on Regrets: Agathe (1985)

Regrets: Agathe (1985)

Entirely slept-on, to the point that it still boggles my mind how with all the recent reissues and rediscoveries of artists like Telex, Alec Mansion, Li Garattoni, and Linda DiFranco – artists who skirted the line of Balearic, electro-pop, post-disco, and boogie – there hasn’t been room for someone to be woke enough to Montpellier’s […]

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/ August 2, 2017 / Comments Off on Alain Chamfort: Amour, Année Zéro

Alain Chamfort: Amour, Année Zéro

  I almost hate myself for sharing this. It’s like eating a slice of sublime dark chocolate cake, followed by a full spread of some fine charcuterie, chased with some sumptuous Riesling. Obviously, it’s too rich and not entirely good for you…but man is it refined and tasty when you’re devouring it. That’s exactly the […]

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/ February 17, 2017 / Comments Off on Pierre Barouh: Le Pollen (1982)

Pierre Barouh: Le Pollen (1982)

  ews travels so quickly now that it’s hard to keep up with the cycles of life. Word of Pierre Barouh’s passing, at the end of December 2016, didn’t come recently to me, it came to me this week. It came when I discovered them while researching this thought in my head – of sharing his work at […]

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/ December 6, 2014 / Comments Off on Alan Stivell: Brezhoneg Raok (1973)

Alan Stivell: Brezhoneg Raok (1973)

Alan Stivell and bombard. Finishing off what he hinted at in his previous album, yesterday’s A L’Olympia, Alan decided to commit to tape his idea of a brand new European music. Chamins de Terre, translates to Songs of the Earth, tried to combine everything from his background. His background in Celtic roots music, new influences […]

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/ December 5, 2014 / Comments Off on Alan Stivell: Tri Martolod (1972)

Alan Stivell: Tri Martolod (1972)

Alan Stivell – 1972 When we last left off Alan Stivell he was breathing new life into a genre threatened to be left in the dustbin of musical history. Breton folk music, and modern Celtic music as a whole experienced a revival of sorts due to his groundbreaking Renaissance de la Harpe Celtique. One year […]

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/ November 7, 2014 / Comments Off on Alan Stivell: Gaeltacht (1971)

Alan Stivell: Gaeltacht (1971)

Alan Stivell – 1971 Let’s blur the line of history even further. What does French-born musician Alan Stivell (real name Alan Cochevelou) have in any way, shape, or form to do with English neo-folk? Could you believe this same man created the first strains of Celtic rock. The music of all the Gaelic traditions owe […]

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