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/ September 15, 2017 / Comments Off on Joan Bibiloni: For A Future Smile (1988)

Joan Bibiloni: For A Future Smile (1988)

Six years after our first introduction to Joan Bibiloni, via his fantastic debut (Joana Lluna), the world had moved under him. For A Future Smile presented Joan Bibiloni in a way unlike anything before. Just a year earlier Joan had been commissioned by a Spanish TV network to create a soundtrack for a nature documentary. […]

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/ September 13, 2017 / Comments Off on Almir Sater: Instrumental (1988)

Almir Sater: Instrumental (1988)

Something so simple as an album of 10-string viola caipira instrumentals shouldn’t sound so impressive, but leave it to Campo Grande native Almir Sater to make you rethink a whole lot of something. This release, Instrumental, was more than just a musical document of some brief musical sojourn, it was a massive peek into the […]

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/ October 2, 2014 / Comments Off on David Axelrod: The School Boy (1969)

David Axelrod: The School Boy (1969)

David Axelrod – 1969 Where’s my mind right now? Right now its shifting towards more pastoral, and organic music. What does this mean? it means, that its the time of the season when I indulge a bit in my love of folk music. That’s not to say that its entirely just strum and wailing kind […]

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