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/ January 16, 2018 / Comments Off on Re Niliu: Caravi (1988)

Re Niliu: Caravi (1988)

Tradition is such a double-edge sword. In the hands of the orthodoxy, tradition can be used as a bludgeon, meant to remind you of a lineage, as a means to keep you rooted in the past. In the hands of the inspired, tradition is used as a source to actually build for the future, a […]

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/ August 23, 2017 / Comments Off on Paolo Modugno: Le Bala Et La Mouche (1994)

Paolo Modugno: Le Bala Et La Mouche (1994)

Man, what a world to we live in. Just this year Italy’s Archeo Recordings reissued Paolo Modugno’s intriguing debut Brise D’Automne. Once a member of Italian multi-media performance group O.A.S.I., what turned as a love for Middle Eastern and African music transformed into the exploration of new ways to interconnect the electronic with the acoustic […]

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/ July 26, 2017 / Comments Off on Ritmia: Forse Il Mare (1986)

Ritmia: Forse Il Mare (1986)

Nothing makes one cringe more than when someone tries to “modernize” traditional music. The issue isn’t with modernization but with trying to will it so that “traditional” music has no way of becoming modern other than by adding modernity to it. What does this all mean? It means that the jaw-dropping music of Italian quartet […]

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/ July 21, 2017 / Comments Off on Mike Francis: Let’s Not Talk About It (1984)

Mike Francis: Let’s Not Talk About It (1984)

Now this, this right here, is the promised boogie wonderland. The late Michele Francesco Puccioni’s (aka Mike Francis) 1984 debut is that unheralded statement piece of funk and R&B music that once you have your chance to get your hands on you’ll never forget. Let’s Not Talk About It was the product of some hard-earned […]

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/ March 20, 2017 / Comments Off on Mix: 3. What Do You Do When It’s Spring?

Mix: 3. What Do You Do When It’s Spring?

In a way, rebirth is exactly what my third mix is about. Taking cues from various feelings springtime evokes, I wanted to compile a set of songs that moved in concert with the season. By themselves, each song has a faint musical seed that germinates and blooms into a much more pronounced, powerful direction. However, taken as part of a whole, despite […]

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/ February 27, 2017 / Comments Off on Peter Richard: Frozen Red (1983)

Peter Richard: Frozen Red (1983)

imeless Italo-disco featuring an album cover its designer could only love, it’s Walter Beinat’s (aka Peter Richard) Frozen Red. The album’s main hook is the unsung club banger “Walking In the Neon.” Nearly seven minutes long, the audacious electronic mix of Hi-NRG, post-punk, and post-disco still gives rise to a constant DJ request: what the hell was that? Quite atmospheric for such […]

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/ February 1, 2017 / Comments Off on Mario Acquaviva: Mario Acquaviva EP (1983)

Mario Acquaviva: Mario Acquaviva EP (1983)

ven in the dead of the winter, this sunlit EP of Italian Pop can break through any forecast. One of my favorite finds of the year was this brief, but spectacular, EP by Bolognese musician Mario Acquaviva. What’s in Mario Acquaviva? Its eighteen masterful minutes of ruminative springtime Mediterranean piano pop mixed with all sorts of found […]

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/ January 6, 2017 / Comments Off on Tony Esposito: Il Grande Esploratore (1984)

Tony Esposito: Il Grande Esploratore (1984)

If ever you’re in Naples, bring up Tony Esposito, and thank me later. Part of the new Neapolitan Power scene envisioned by Tullio de Piscopo, James Senese, and Pino Daniele, Tony proved to be the one closest to bringing that sound out of the Mediterranean and onto the world. A rhythm master all his life, Tony Esposito’s Il Grande Esploratore remains one of the pinnacles of […]

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/ September 13, 2016 / Comments Off on Mix: 1. Just Another Night Flight

Mix: 1. Just Another Night Flight

Isn’t this always the toughest post to create? Normally, for your first post, you try to give a call to action, or provide some kind of direction, to whatever kind of journey/experience you want to take your readers through.

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/ September 27, 2014 / Comments Off on Franco Battiato: Sequenze e Frequenze (1973)

Franco Battiato: Sequenze e Frequenze (1973)

I’m heading into the island of Milo, Sicily for a tiny bit. Back to catch what Franco Battiato was doing around this time. What a surprise it is to see him wrap up all his first stabs at mixing the electronic with the serene into one way too far ahead for its time musical statement. […]

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