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/ August 4, 2017 / Comments Off on Hajime Mizoguchi: Halfinch Dessert (1986)

Hajime Mizoguchi: Halfinch Dessert (1986)

These are the things that surprise sometimes. I went into researching some background story behind Hajime Mizoguchi’s deeply affecting Halfinch Dessert and wound up uncovering that their is some meaning behind this album. Hajime Mizoguchi was born and raised in Tokyo. By the age of eleven he had chosen to educate himself in the ways […]

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/ May 3, 2017 / Comments Off on Koji Ueno: Music For Silent Movies (1985)

Koji Ueno: Music For Silent Movies (1985)

Music For Silent Movies, it’s all there in the title. Koji Ueno, one half of Japanese duo Guernica (the other half being Jun Togawa from Yapoos), takes their subversive take on the era of “The Greatest Generation” to its logical evolution/conclusion by creating a soundtrack to the lesser known sounds of that period. Thoughts of musique concrete, serialism, […]

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/ September 19, 2014 / Comments Off on Arsen Dedić: Mirni Podstanar (1973)

Arsen Dedić: Mirni Podstanar (1973)

Arsen Dedić – 1973 Raise of hands, when was the last time you actually heard music from Croatia or Serbia? When was the last time you actually cared enough to look for some? If, you didn’t raise your hand, well today I’ve got something special for you. Hailing from the Dalmatia region from what was […]

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