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/ February 24, 2017 / Comments Off on Tolerance: Divin (1981)

Tolerance: Divin (1981)

ot much is known about the Japanese female/male musical duo Tolerance made up of Junko Tange and Masami Yoshikawa. Understatement of understatements, even 36 years later the forward-thinking slab of music a few people know of as Divin has yielded little in terms of discovery on how the duo came to be, and (more importantly) why/how they […]

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/ February 10, 2017 / Comments Off on Melon: Do You Like Japan? (1982)

Melon: Do You Like Japan? (1982)

assively influenced by American R&B, Do You Like Japan? holds that rare thing for us as listeners: it’s a question posed in the title. Was ex-Plastics frontman Toshio Nakanishi asking us if we liked Japan or was he asking himself that same question? The answer would be hard to tell after you listen to the album. Created after his breakup […]

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/ January 25, 2017 / Comments Off on Matia Bazar: Tango (1983)

Matia Bazar: Tango (1983)

ot every album reveals itself instantly. It took me a while to recognize how fascinating Tango by Matia Bazar really was. Imagine, for a second, that ABBA didn’t break up after The Visitors. Imagine that they found a way to continue on after that fan demarcation line, and boldly go wherever that new point of inspiration they had, […]

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How do you describe a band like Frank Chickens? Led by performer/artist/musician/animator/singer/theater producer Kazuko Hohki and her sister-in-arms Kazumi Taguchi, Frank Chickens still remains unlike any band out there. Using Japanese kitsch and asian fetishization as a means to facilitate some truly subversive culture prodding and oddly imaginative musical explorations, Frank Chickens’ debut We Are Frank Chickens shows you a small […]

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/ December 9, 2016 / Comments Off on EP-4: Lingua Franca-1 (1983)

EP-4: Lingua Franca-1 (1983)

“Cool, no sweat funk.” – Those exact words are how the leaders of Japanese group EP-4 describe their music. Led by the imitable Kaoru Sato (vocalist) and Banana Kawashima (keyboardist/tape looper), EP-4 in a brief period in the early ’80s existed in its own playing field. Stylistically, and philosophically, more akin to dub-minded bands like The Pop […]

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/ January 28, 2015 / Comments Off on Public Image Limited: Flowers of Romance (1981)

Public Image Limited: Flowers of Romance (1981)

John Lydon – 1981 Pretend you never heard of a band called The Sex Pistols. Pretend you’ve never heard of a man called Johnny Rotten. Let’s pretend his career started as this unique artist called John Lydon who founded this brilliant band called The Public Image Limited. Forget that you’ve even heard of Metal Box […]

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/ September 13, 2014 / Comments Off on Steaua de Mare: Babadag (2013)

Steaua de Mare: Babadag (2013)

Steaua de Mare Fast forwarding to the present, its always interesting to see how that spirit of ingenuity and experimentation applies for current bands. In Romania there are bands like the one I’ll highlight today, Steaua de Mare (Big Star), that recognize the importance of looking into one’s own lineage to pull up different directions and […]

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Iggy Pop in 1978 Truckin’ along, choosin’ some driving songs, can be a hard task do, especially if you’re trying to please your passengers and yourself. The following two songs explain a lot of what goes on in ones mind when we chose to travel, mentally or physically. Metaphysically, Iggy Pop’s two songs “I’m Bored” […]

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/ July 25, 2014 / Comments Off on Chrisma: Aurora B. (1979)

Chrisma: Aurora B. (1979)

If, anything, cements Chrisma’s place in musical history it’s the following video for “Aurora B.” First, let me set the scene. In 1978, as the oil crisis shortage caused massive rationing efforts in Europe, the Italian government tried to find ingenious ways to discourage its citizens from taking long trips and drives on the weekends. […]

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/ July 24, 2014 / Comments Off on Chrisma: We R. (1979)

Chrisma: We R. (1979)

Onward goes Christina and Maurizio’s story. In 1979, Chrisma were dead tired of all the recriminations going back home in Italy. Their last performances were as I described in my previous post, simply full of antagonism towards their audience and the industry itself. For once, they needed to regroup and refine their plan of attack. […]

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