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/ January 2, 2018 / Comments Off on Vinterhjärta: Vinterhjärta (1987)

Vinterhjärta: Vinterhjärta (1987)

Deeply icy, floating music from Swedish band Vinterhjärta. Playing like a soundtrack to a particularly windswept, frozen tundra Vinterhjärta’s (which translates to winter heart) sole, self-titled affair, binds all sorts of experimental Swedish conceits — space prog, New Age, and ambient jazz— into one work (released on cassette) that looks for no quarter in the […]

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/ November 3, 2017 / Comments Off on Pictures: Pictures (1983)

Pictures: Pictures (1983)

I’m still floored that such an album like Pictures exists and that it exists in such an arrested state of discovery. In 1983, Andy Stennett and John Rocca, of influential British electro-funk group Freeez, decide to hide away from their record label and sure chart-topping success (courtesy of their infamous/ubiquitous hits, “Southern Freeez” and “IOU”) […]

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/ November 2, 2016 / Comments Off on Milton Nascimento: Clube Da Esquina 2 (1978)

Milton Nascimento: Clube Da Esquina 2 (1978)

At least for me, some of the most interesting albums are the ones released by artists long after their much more lauded work. I say this, because these deep cuts usually detail a bit more history and show the weather of age a bit more clearly than earlier works. This is my thinking: what happens […]

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