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/ November 22, 2017 / Comments Off on Mix: 7. Only Love

Mix: 7. Only Love

I was going to write about how much I appreciate all of you, the readers, who keep visiting this blog and give your precious time to discover music I feel passionate about. It’s been over a year since FOND/SOUND began. It’s because of your encouragement and support that this labor of love keeps going. With […]

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/ June 6, 2014 / Comments Off on Track of the Day: June 6, 2014

Track of the Day: June 6, 2014

Can a single be so majestic and yet be so tragic at the same time? Well, DeBarges’ masterwork of “All This Love/I’m In Love with You” is both. This was released as the second single off the similarly titled album. This song took me a while to figure out. I remember listening to it as […]

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/ June 5, 2014 / Comments Off on Track of the Day: June 5, 2014

Track of the Day: June 5, 2014

“Oooooh and I like it.” What a track from the DeBarges, the second single from their All This Love album (second album off their discography), is a genuine classic. Just some easy swinging groove and the trio vocal work of El, Randy, and Bunny DeBarge. Riding Randy’s and El’s latin soul rhythm backing, El delivers […]

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/ May 9, 2014 / Comments Off on SOS Band: Weekend Girl (1984)

SOS Band: Weekend Girl (1984)

My pick of the day is “Weekend Girl” by the SOS Band, which is really a Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis production (they later moved on to do such great releases like Janet Jackson’s Control for example). The reason I chose this track is because it just brings back tons of memories. As a young kid, […]

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/ April 27, 2014 / Comments Off on Al Green: Loving You (1977)

Al Green: Loving You (1977)

Before Al Green became the Reverend Al Green he released the Belle Album in 1977. Lots of things were looming against him around that time: disco’s rise, his kind of soul being relegated to quiet storm radio hours, and he just losing the plot on what kind of music to make. This track “Loving You” […]

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