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/ September 15, 2017 / Comments Off on Joan Bibiloni: For A Future Smile (1988)

Joan Bibiloni: For A Future Smile (1988)

Six years after our first introduction to Joan Bibiloni, via his fantastic debut (Joana Lluna), the world had moved under him. For A Future Smile presented Joan Bibiloni in a way unlike anything before. Just a year earlier Joan had been commissioned by a Spanish TV network to create a soundtrack for a nature documentary. […]

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/ June 9, 2017 / Comments Off on Juan Martin: Painter In Sound ft. Mark Isham (1986)

Juan Martin: Painter In Sound ft. Mark Isham (1986)

Simply sublime. What else can you say? From the man who literally wrote the definitive word on Flamenco technique, comes a work showing the full expanse of his personal creative method. Juan Martin is one of the most iconic names in Nuevo Flamenco. Somewhere, down the line, his lifelong interest in art and painting (owing a […]

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/ March 8, 2017 / Comments Off on Macias: Regreso a Valencia (1988)

Macias: Regreso a Valencia (1988)

One of my favorite albums from one of my favorite record label series. Largely piano-based, José Luis Macias’s Regreso a Valencia (Returning to Valencia) touched on that personal essence that made other albums like Toshifumi Hinata’s or Ichiko Hashimoto’s so intimate and gorgeous. Combining western-style minimalism with their own more regional, neoclassical styles, all these releases affect austerity at first, but […]

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/ February 20, 2017 / Comments Off on Mariano Lozano-Platas: A Field In The Sky / Rotterdam-88 (1987)

Mariano Lozano-Platas: A Field In The Sky / Rotterdam-88 (1987)

ugust 21st, 1988 in Rotterdam, Netherlands must have been some kind of wonderful night. On that night, the music of composer Madrileño Mariano Lozano-Platas played to a crowd of 250,000 in attendance (and millions on TV) in an event unlike any seen/heard before. Heralding the designation of Rotterdam as the culture capital of European in […]

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/ February 3, 2017 / Comments Off on Orquesta de las Nubes: Manual de Usuario (1987)

Orquesta de las Nubes: Manual de Usuario (1987)

rquesta de las Nubes, The Cloud Orchestra, isn’t really an orchestra, that we know for sure. What it is is a trio of Spanish musicians aiming to make music that was unlike anything else. While researching the history behind the band I ran across interviews by founder Suso Sáiz mentioning how even they themselves didn’t know the type […]

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imply, phenomenal, a landmark release of Spanish music. The more I hear Eliseo Parra y MOSAICO’s Homenaje A Agapito Marazuela, the more I am convinced of my declaration. This album, a musical homage to the massively influential and important Castilian folklorist, musician, and dulzaina master Agapito Marazuela, does so many things right. Released a year […]

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/ December 30, 2016 / Comments Off on Joan Bibiloni: Joana Lluna (1982)

Joan Bibiloni: Joana Lluna (1982)

I had a really hard time trying to justify posting this album. Not because the album isn’t great – it truly is – but because it didn’t seem this time of the year was appropriate for it. Joan Bibiloni’s Joana Lluna is the first masterpiece by the Mallorcan balearic master. What you hear in Joana […]

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/ September 18, 2014 / Comments Off on Camarón de la Isla: Volando Voy (1979)

Camarón de la Isla: Volando Voy (1979)

Camarón de la Isla – 1979 Flamenco music, oh what bane you have been dealt with. If, you ever encounter flamenco music in popular culture its usually as a type of dead language music. Seeing billowy dressed people stomp their feet, sing with overdramatic melisma, and pointless guitar flourishes you wouldn’t be wrong to have […]

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/ September 17, 2014 / Comments Off on Joan Manuel Serrat: Mediterraneo (1971)

Joan Manuel Serrat: Mediterraneo (1971)

Joan Manuel Serrat – 1971 The track of the day, Joan Manuel Serrat’s “Mediterraneo” is quite the unique rebel song. Its one thing to rise up against the oppressor, and its another thing to rebel against dug in beliefs and traditions that threaten to replace one for another. You can uprise and dispose places/people but […]

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