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When I originally wrote my piece on Yoshio Ojima’s groundbreaking work Une Collection des Chainons I, I couldn’t think of why omitted the second part of his story. Une Collection des Chainons II truly cements what a monumental piece of music (Une Collection des Chainons I&II) for the Wacoal Art Center was. Trying to move […]

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/ June 16, 2017 / Comments Off on Mich Live: Plant Planet’s (1988)

Mich Live: Plant Planet’s (1988)

Let’s try a little tenderness from Mitsuru Sawamura, otherwise known as Mich Live, one-time member of Japanese band Interior (with whom he wrote songs like “Luft” and “Park“) and brilliant session musician for others like Yukihiro Takahashi, Hajime Tachibana, Pierre Barouh, and Mari Iijima. In 1988, Mitsuru released under the Newsic label (home of Yoshio Ojima) something that straddles […]

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/ November 4, 2016 / Comments Off on Yoshio Ojima: Une Collection Des Chainons I: Music For Spiral (1988)

Yoshio Ojima: Une Collection Des Chainons I: Music For Spiral (1988)

Some music is really hard to describe. Not because it’s indescribable, but because the vast amount of background info required to contextualize the work might be either a) too academic or b) too conceptual to get. Yoshi Ojima’s truly spartan website describes his music plainly as: Yoshio Ojima uses computers to program gentle, ambient music. […]

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