Track of the Day: On Monday the US Soccer men’s national team descended into São Paulo kicking off their final week of World Cup preparation before next Monday’s super important opening match against Ghana. I can only imagine what the sensation of arriving into the largest city in Brazil could entail. Its such a fixture of modernity, economy, and culture for this country. This city just seems to radiate a vibrancy and rhythm onto the rest of the country…a radiancy far brighter than one would think coming from a place far from any beach. Its this inner spirit and tempo found in the people and their way of life that hopefully, spurs our boys to aspire such greatness as well. 

Chic’s “São Paulo”, composed by Niles Rodgers and Bernie Edwards in 1976, clearly draws a lot of inspiration from the sights and sounds of this metropolis. Over a truly sophisticated samba-funk rhythm, signaled off by a referee’s whistle, Niles and Bernie present the idealized version of life we all dream Brazil can hold. Jazz bass licks intertwine with spacious disco piano rhythms, and woodwinds play the “jogo bonito” with samba drums and percussion, kicking back and forth that decadent melody. My favorite part is that very light string synth going on here and there in the background…its Niles presenting the glide found in Brazilian music, in his own way. Its one of my all time favorite tracks just because it distills both the magnificent talent Chic had, and signaled off the possibilities Brazilian music and the feeling this nation has that it could inspire in others. I’ll descend into Brazil, musically, tomorrow.