One of my greatest pleasures in life is waking up to a cool, gentle breeze. Today has been glorious so far in that aspect. I know, I’m projecting some stasis by sticking around with breezy songs lately but eh, I’m enjoying this laid back time now and I hope these songs, if for a bit, stick around. My pick of the day Bob Welch’s “Sentimental Lady”, is really a remake. This song originally appeared on Fleetwood Mac’s Bare Trees album in 1972. No offense to Bob, but what makes this song so great and so apropos is how Lindsey Buckingham took such a forgotten track and rearranged it to perfection. 

I mean, if anything shows the freakish luck that Fleetwood Mac received, its that they have such a unique talent in their mist. Lindsey turns Welch’s original lax song into a Brian Wilson-like madrigal. Working the same magic with acoustic guitars and vocal arrangements he used in Rumours, Lindsey just does Bob a mighty solid and turns this song into something truly romantic…heck, Christine McVie’s revamped vocals are truly awesome as well. For a brief period, in the late 70s, Lindsey could make even the breeziest of things be so damn irresistible.