Steve Hillage’s “Rainbow Dome Musick” isn’t going to move you in the first minute you hit play. No, this is music that unfurls more and more, as the moments pass by. Released in 1979, this former Gong and Soft Machine guitarist (later going on to work with the Orb), with the equal help of his long time girlfriend Miquette Giraudy, use guitars (mostly played by him), tibetan bells, and all sorts of analog synthesizers (mostly played by her) to conjure up some of the most uplifting ambient music ever released. The interplay between those two is marvelous, it sounds amorous for lack of a better word. They actually performed this live which makes it that much more baffling. 

The mood is set by Miquette’s extremely gentle synth tones, almost an homage to Terry Riley’s “A Rainbow in Curved Air” just percolating and cycling around, then Hillage’s glissando guitar tries to complement his partner’s playing somehow, in the past, with other bands, his guitar would have to subside to crazier rhythms but not here. Here, Steve is finally allowed to freely glide over the whole scene. Miquette’s synth bed just providing this warm respite for him to hover his guitar around. Most ambient music can be so cold or melancholy, but one of the reasons I love this album and the track in particular is because its the opposite of this. If, ever, there was snuggle in bed ambient music this would be it.