Memorial Day weekend is upon us. What a perfect time to breakout some of my favorite grillin’, BBQ’ing, vibin’ tracks. Whenever I want to get the party started, without fail, the greatest non-BBQing, BBQing track always starts to play: ABBA’s “Eagle”. I say this, because the device I use to get the party started is my old-ass 3rd generation iPod. Usually, it needs to be charged. Usually, its glitchy as fuck, freezing on startup. And, usually, when I get it up and running, I press play, and the first track it always play is ABBA’s “Eagle” for some reason. Talk about a soft start.

Nowadays, I must admit, I do always look forward to hearing that track regardless of the situation. What a marvelous song! Check out the great synth work from Benny…outside of Stevie Wonder and Brian Eno no one could capture that perfect sound which actually evokes flight-time like he does here. Then Bjorn’s Eagle-tone comes in, perfectly clear in all its glory soaring above it all. Finally, Agnetha’s and Anni’s harmonizing humanizes the whole track. For a brief moment, before I furiously start rifling through my iPod, or think about throwing it out the window I can’t but help and linger a bit on this glorious track from ABBA. Ha, it might the universe giving me a sign of something. Anyway, stay tuned tomorrow for an actual party track.

Just so that I don’t deny that ABBA has great BBQ’ing tracks. Here would be my pick if I had to chose. Its “That’s Me” with its ingenious country’ish funk melody, backed by disco rhythms, and Eurovision vocals. My fave part is when the Bach-like breakdown kicks in. It sounds like someone bringing pierogis, and deviled eggs to a cookout. They strangely work!