Now this is an elemental track, the kind you put after a real banger like yesterday’s. Who’s Who “Hypnodance”, released in 1979 off of Palace Palace, is just a churning mystical slice of French space disco. Simply try resisting the groove. Resistance is futile. The track’s got you hooked. Just an interesting side note the person responsible for this track was actually Daniel Banghalter, we all know his son for being one half of Daft Punk.

The b-side for the day is a really unheralded track from Sylvester, he of “You Make Me Feel” fame. Also released in 1979, this track “I Need Somebody to Love” produced by the brilliant Patrick Crowley takes their electronic disco to some truly elegiac realms. If, anyone says disco doesn’t have a heart or soul play them this track. Now those two were people who were gone far too soon from this earth.