This party track I absolutely love. Rick James’s “Ghetto Life” hits you both in the booty and noodle. The booty can’t resist Rick’s ultra nasty syncopating groove. Then the mind, especially for someone like me raised in the ghetto, gets moved by Rick’s surprisingly honest and absolutely enlightening verses. Rick for all his negative aspects was always a great artist, his life story for the most part was astounding (could play literally anything, gigged with Neil Young, slang, pimped, etc.) but for me his music is just something else. You can’t always move forward, because of finances, situations, and more but you can always bounce up with this track.

Almost forgot the B-side! This is the Mary Jane Girls “All Night Long” which is actually a Rick James produced track. This is a smooth jam staple at any party (and if it isn’t should be). Before Janelle Monae, Rick was putting together these slinky yet quirky tracks which could easily be or beat the neo-soul hits of today.