It’s been a long while since I’ve posted a Jamaican track. Well, this one is a truly great track. The Upsetter’s “Zion’s Blood” in many ways is the clarion call for all dub musicians. Lee “Scratch” Perry’s signature style is already in full bloom here, while the Upsetters perfectly marshall their talent into a mystical brew. Its no wonder that this track is the lead off the track from Super Ape album, its a declamation of Rastafari pride. 

Over a disintegrating echo vocal track, The Upsetters chant out their mantras, mantras that sound like they’re leaving our astral plane, while Perry keeps tweaking their truly astounding rhythm and bass track into lower and lower depths. Even one, who isn’t Jamaican/Rastafari, should be able to relate to this empowering anthem. On certain days our heart needs more emboldening than others, and for sure this track can help.