Man, my urge to rock out lately has been close to nil. As much as I love it, a lot of it just seems so out of place to play right now. I’ve been more into laid-back and dance oriented tunes lately. I guess, the best thing to do is roll with this urge and find gems in this type of feeling, I mean who knows how or when this feeling will end? Anyway, bearing that in mind I know the following track by Marc Jordan “Dancing on the Boardwalk” off the surprisingly awesome “Mannequin” album is a splendid cubic zirconia.

“Mannequin” has all the great, clean production one expects from west coast studios in the late 70s. Marc somehow captures that slightly drunken stupor and yearning feeling one gets walking, with drink in hand, next to the beach, in some forgotten marina or boardwalk somewhere. This is fucking laid-back and completely in your face about it. I mean, its not a feeling one wants to or can indulge in every day but when you do…man, you really can’t do any better to capture this feeling than Mr. Jordan does here. I mean, *cough* we’re not all bros with red SOLO cups doing so, some of us have higher, more learned tastes 😉