The Juju Kings: Ebenezer Obey and Sunny Ade

I have a brief review for the day. Sometimes, when you’re feeling more than a bit under the weather, like I feel today, you need a track that carries your burden for a bit. Today’s track of the day “Fimi Lokan Bale” simply does it for me. Juju music wouldn’t quite be the same without the good ole Chief Commander. Where King Sunny Ade made music that could hit across almost any continent, Ebenezer’s brand of juju was always more firmly planted in the country of Nigeria.

With the Chief there was always less room for rest, he would use talking Yoruba drums and those trance-inducing intertwining guitars to knock your socks off in such a sly way you’d hardly realize that there’s 14, 12, 10, then 8 minutes left to the track. If you can’t join the party, Ebenezer brings it to you. “Fimi Lokan Bale” at least for today, can lighten my shoes a bit. Tomorrow, I’ll continue where I left off…


Bonus track time, this might be the perfect time to back to one of my earlier posts and rediscover the wonders of the SOS Band, and the horrors of green screen technology.

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