Ivan Doing Himself

I take a day break from my series on Chrisma to properly explain away the next set of videos that Chrisma will release. As, I’ve trolled away, trying to understand/translate the Italian language for this series, I’ve encountered other great characters that I probably would have never realized existed if it wasn’t for my this bit of research. One of these characters is Ivan Cattaneo, from Milan as well. I won’t go into his backstory too much since what’s more important is this uproarious video and song I’m going to highlight. He himself, was one of the first openly gay Italian pop idols and a true trail blazer of a different kind. He, sorta like Grace Jones, used genuinely affecting songs as spring boards to display their very skewed takes on performance art and fashion.

This track “Polisex” just oozes the 80s in all its weird, bestness. The track itself is such a hodgepodge of styles: there’s the Felt-like angular indie lead guitar mixed with slow jam R&B rhythmic bed, there’s the wandering vocal range that the Simple Minds traffic in, and there’s that oh, so, smooth sax coming in during the hook. The performance of the song is just something else altogether; nothing says “Just Do You” like some of the dance moves pulled off by Ivan here.

Nothing has brought a smile to my face this week, on the web, as much as his buildup to the move he pulls off at the 1:56 minute mark. Oof dat dance! its the best mixture of baby giraffe attempting to walk, saluting the French flag, I have to go to the restroom, pogo-sticking, grooving at the Club Sashay, crossing the final marathon mile, and culminating into god knows what dancing I’ve seen in forever. Just listen to the crowd will him to the finish, sometimes you gotta stick around until the end for that great release, and that goes doubly-sure especially with Chrisma…


I think the following commenter put it the best, in the only English comment I could see:

WDH…I’m in that weird part of Youtube again…