Here’s one last piece. There’s always something evocative about watching grainy videos. Your eyes want to fill in the spaces light should occupy. How much more evocative can it get than watching the only video of a band like La Düsseldorf playing, in this case “Rheinita” off their Viva album. This was a band trying to project a new sound that was krautrock, punk, and ambient through performance and imagery. Now the only memory we have of them is a spectral one.

Its the image of someone in our modern age, taking video of a projection from another worn image. The hints of great imagery still lie within all these degradations, just enough to evoke a memory, but the lasting imprint comes from that trance-like sound. A phoenix can only get reborn if a new fire burns it from within. I mean, La Dusseldorf came from the ashes of NEU! and then it itself combusted into La! NEU? what does it this all mean? and how does it matter? I guess, what it means is that the image you present yourself at the onset sometimes isn’t always the same impression that continues afterward. That will stand justly right for tomorrow’s artist I’ll start a series on.

Listen to Viva through Grooveshark here.