Talk about another big FU. Lou Reed released in 1975 Metal Machine Music, perhaps one of the most abrasive and biggest loads of aural poo you’ll ever hear. I’ve heard good noise, Tangerine Dream’s Phaedra or Glenn Branca’s The Ascension, but that album was proper garbage. My pick of the day, comes from his Coney Island Baby release, which came out after that big pile of dung. And what a release! Probably one of the greatest adult contemporary albums you’ll ever hear…once again proving that Lou Reed was really a big softie at heart.

As much as Lou has this outward standoffishness, his music can be so sweet and laid back: I mean, how else would you explain “Sunday Morning”, the existence of Doug Yule songs, and why immediately following up his huge temper tantrum of a release, he would release this huge “whoops, my bad” of an album. Almost all the songs in this album are positive and joyful, the total opposite of what he was known for. These are songs that you wouldn’t be surprised to slot right into the most forward thinking secretary’s office playlist. I say that respectfully, because all of these songs are some of the most perfect light hearted songs you can find anywhere. Who knew that Lou had it in him? Ah, well he did just want to be our Coney Island Baby the whole time.

Check out this massively jazz-funky version of this track with Don Cherry blowin’ a mean trumpet on it at Youtube: