In a way, everything you do circles back to where one comes from. All my life, somehow, I felt my own lineage and ancestry steeped in Mexico was some kind of relic of the past. That too many other cultures had managed to strive for something new and exciting, while my own remain stagnant. When NTS asked me to give them a mix that shows what FOND/SOUND is about I had to pull from where I come from. It’s where I come from that has worth to others. I mean, how can I go forward elsewhere, if one doesn’t feel they have something to add to the greater conversation?

This mix titled Nuevo Aztlán shines a light on a fascinating little-known era of Mexican experimental music. It was a time when Mexican musicians looked towards the influence of Pre-Columbian music and contemporary, burgeoning styles like ambient, new age and electroacoustic minimalism to create a new kind of underground musical style. As ancient as it is forward-thinking, this music tried to bridge the divide between the logic-driven exploration of our silicon-led world and the mythical spiritualism of Nahuatl history. Aztlán is never gone when there are ways to transport history.

Mexican Ambient, Ethno-Experimental & New Age Music (1982-1993)

1. Aura by Alquimia
2. Amarillo by Gerardo Batiz
3. La Constelación de Pejelagarto (Bambuco) by Eblen Macari
4. Elegía by Jose Luis Almeida
5. Transparencias (Excerpt) by Flüght
6. El Ciego De Jerico by Carlos Beltrán
7. In Principio (2a. Parte) by Arturo Meza
8. Viento De Lluvia by Antonio Zepeda y Eugenio Toussaint
9. Sazilakab by Jorge Reyes
10. El Mosquito (Edit) by Tribu
11. San Lorenzo by Musica Tzotzil