The following tracks of the day before Thursday are all preludes to my full out month long dive into Brazilian music. I say this because my track of the day Captain Beyond’s “Thousand Days of Yesterdays (Time Since Come and Gone)” touches on something I’ve been worried about. I sometimes wonder where all the great influence Brazilian music had in the greater pop music in the 70s and 80s went. I don’t know, I think, the rise of globalization is making it easier to segment yourself of from certain music styles/regions and stop exploring how these place can/will shape your own world.

During the time of Captain Beyond’s great psychedelic self-titled masterpiece, in the early 70s, there didn’t exist this stigma against exploration. It seems more ears were receptive to sounds coming outside of the US then. Over a samba rhythm that transforms into a post-Tropicalia fadeout, Captain Beyond somehow find a way to fit their truly impressive multi-guitar attack into a Brazilian realm and Rod Evans, ex-Deep Purple, delivers a truly impressive, gorgeous multi-layered scat vocal around the 2 minute mark. In an album that included “Armworth” and “Dancing Madly Backwards” this was one of the, if not the standout track, just because of the shear balls it took to put such a track into such a type of album and make it the centerpiece. Anyway, just a few more tracks coming with Brazilian influence…then the real deal gets dealt.