Coastal music just fascinates me. Depending on location, the feel of the music can be so varied. I mean, rock music (just to use as a counterexample) to be honest at times can be so two noted: either American or British in feel. Once you travel outside of that type of music there’s way more, in terms of melody, to explore. My pick of the day is from Guinea-Bissau, its Super Mama Djombo’s “Pamparida”. This country, is a Lusophone country, deeply influenced whether wrongly or passively by the Portuguese. Musically this means the rapid fire coimbra fado guitar picking found in Portuguese music gets engulfed into their own gumbe music which is even more rapid. So, what do you get? This insanely cyclical guitar groove found here taking you up and down the coast. You sorta get this same feel in carnivale music, but usually its drums setting the pace. I don’t know, but on a day like today, when my energy level needs a kick, this is a great way to start leveling up.